Future of connectivity

We're building the future of connectivity by expanding the Helium network.

Learn about the Helium network

Simple, yet powerful Helium hotspots

Connect the World

Helium hot spot miners connect the world through a LowFi network.

Help Neighbors and Small Businesses

Helium will provide unprecedented opportunities to everyone.

Be apart of Something

The Helium network starts with you, help us provide a better tomorrow

Facts about Helium Hotspots

What Does it Require?

  • An Internet connection, preferably ethernet
  • A nice view, the hotspot needs to be by a window
  • Power, the hotspots need to be connected to an outlet

How Will it Effect Me?

  • The hotspot uses less than 5 watts of electricity, which is 10x lower than the average lightbulb. It costs less than $1/month to run
  • The hotspot is very small (it can fit in your hand) and makes no noise. Once installed you won't even know it is there.

Is The Frequency of The Hotspot Safe?

  • Yes, the hotspot transmit power is lower than that of a cellphone

So Where Do I Come In?

We are trying to bring The Helium Network to towns and neighbor hoods so that everyone can connect to the Internet of Things. We need your help to do that, if you are interested in hosting a hotspot please reach out to us!